Photography provided by Jason Kempin

You can make a difference. We believe communities create transformations. We need your help.



Your donation allows us to connect people and create partnerships around the world. We run projects with our partners, seeking impactful solutions.

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As community engagement is a fundamental part of The Trace, we first need towns and locations interested in hosting us and the sculpture we will build together, and leave with you. Interested in getting your town or location involved? Contact us TODAY.

If you are an organization or corporation we are also seeking sponsorship and financial support from communities and businesses. We look forward to hearing from you too!


Currently we are planning the extended route across the country. Joel is booked with projects through September 2017, we aim to begin the journey in 2018. JOEL HAS PROJECTS IN CROOK COUNTY, OREGON, REDDING, CALIFORNIA and san francisco, caLIFORNIA.


Community initiatives

If your community is ready for The Trace there are several Community initiatives to prepare you for our visit:

  • Donation-based building: 
    • Donation of Materials : your trash and old belongings will create the fabric of our next piece
    •  Organize local collection centers for scrap steel, wood, plastic : help us gather resources 
  • Local fundraising:
  • Materials such as screws and hardware will be required to build, ideally all of our materials would be sourced or recycled however some things will cost money

Sponsorship initiatives

Local business who are able to donate resources will be a critical part of the building process

  • Keeping the team alive: We will require sustenance throughout this process and would welcome sponsors who can keep us fed, hydrated. 
  • Traveling: We will be moving across the country in a refurbished Airstream, which will require maintenance 

Individual Initiatives

Help us gather information! All the pieces are inspired by the local environment, the feeling of the land, the materials that are unique to the land and the unique creatures that inhabit it!

  • Send us information about the local city and the local species
  • What species are known/ are popular in the place? Are there ones that are ignored, endangered, extinct? What animals inspire the community and why?
  • What are the local problems with trash? What material does your town produce?
  • What industry is the most popular historically or now? 

Volunteer: It takes a village! Sign up to volunteer or help gather local people who what to volunteer time at different skill levels.

Seeking Skills in:

  • Building
  • Welding
  • Carpentry
  • Any other building or fabrication skills 
  • General assistance
  • Help prep materials: reclaimed materials usually take some prep work to restore. Material sometimes need to be worked into a more usable form.
  • Decorative
  • Painting 
  • Designing adornments 
  • Organizing community events around the artwork
  • Opening bloc party 
  • Documentation and Press
  • Coordinated involvement of choosing placement and design 
  • Location Specs: If there is room for the community to choose the location of the piece, we would like to engage the community by doing so Aka surveying and asking where they think the town could use the most improvement 

Types of land that we would love partnering with: 

  • Community gardens
  • Public parks 
  • Schools
  • Community organizations
  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Abandoned Areas 

Additional Ideas? 

Reach out! We are seeking sponsorship and financial aid on many levels. Making ourselves as independent as possible is our goal and we want to teach people how to get to place of self-sustainability. However we can use your help in getting start, on the road, with our airstream project.

More on Project Airstream here

Note on Accessibility:

We believe nothing unites people more than creating something together, however, we are aware there are barriers for some.

We want to make The Trace as accessible to as many types of people as possible. We want to create safe spaces for collaboration and engagement. If you have a suggestion regarding community involvement and accessibility, would like to voice a particular concern, have a suggestion on how we can make you feel safer or anything else that comes to mind, please let us know and contact us here.