Since 2014, we have birthed 26 large beasts that span 4 continents throughout various public rural and private sites. We have reached over 1,000,000 people and brought together endless communities. Each piece is built with found or recycled materials. We hope to connect more communities in acts of public art.



What do we leave behind?
How do we engage with what is left behind? 
How do we rebuild? 
How do we heal?
How do we recreate, revision? 
How do we couple what we hold sacred with what we leave behind?

How do we create collaboration around a vision? 


Inspiration for this project began with a journey and a series called WildLife.  

WildLife fueled the inspiration to bring transformational art to unexpecting communities by
using art as healing tool, fostering community engagement and involvement. By building beauty in the community, together, the community flourishes. 


WildLife has evolved into The Trace. The dream is to travel across the North American continent, creating sculptures in unexpected places with the people and found objects that inhabit them. We want to engage people in a conversation around the way we engage with trash, the land and most importantly each other.

We want to share skills and artistic inspiration amongst the people, engaging and enlivening their community. 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead, American Cultural Anthropologist


The Trace is an effort to bring our methods to local communities throughout rural North America. The Trace will be a long range, road trip connecting places, animals and people. The goal is to follow the map of intuition, finding dilapidated structures (crumbling trailers, homes/barns/grain silos…) and transforming the material to a new figurative animal form as a site specific work to be built in the exact footprint of the former structure. 

Our vision involves the community gathering materials and putting together the structure.

Our plan is to host building workshops for target groups within each community who can than lead the creature in creation.

Our purpose is to leave behind a piece of art that can bring life and engagement in the community and change the way people look at waste

We are seeking communities to partner with The Trace. We hope to spend at least 2-3 weeks of time in each city creating a creature all from materials found on around the city (old trailers, old metal, etc).

The vehicle for this vision is a self-built, reclaimed 1950’s Airstream which is currently being converted to a mobile work shop that can also accommodate crew.

Innovation happens when people from different fields come together. We want to offer our skills to community by hosting building/ art workshops. As the project develops we hope to be able to develop materials that will assist in teaching local schools, youth groups, etc. 

The nature of involvement will depend on the land and the community! We need you to be excited! The magic can only happen through collaboration


  • Dancing Muntjak; Muntjak/Human hybrid, 2017, 25'x10'x12' Steel and plywood Wonderfruit Festival Chon Buri, Thailand
  • Donna, Smilodon, 2017 30'x16'x9' Steel, mixed media. Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, Florida
  • Herd Around the World; Ancestral Deer, 2016. 12'x12'x5' Steel, Plywood, Plastic Ballinlough Castle, West Meath Ireland.
  • Clarabelle; Mamuthus Columbi, 2016. 30'x25'x16' Reclaimed trailer home parts, steel, mixed media. Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, Florida
  • Temple Guardians; Corvid/human/deer hybrids, 2016;  25'x 8'x 12' Steel, plywood, bamboo Boom Festival, Portugal
  • Taz; Tazmanian Devil, 2016; 30'x12'x8' Pyalong, Victoria Australia. Steel and car parts
  • Wilber & Lester, Desert Big Horn Sheep, 2015; 40'x 16'x8' Wood, Plywood. Coachella Music Festival 2015
  • Mythical Crecent Horse, 2015 16'x14'x8' wood Nomadic Community Garden. Shoreditch, London
  • Chase; Hare, 2015;  22'x8'x8' wood, mixed media. Secret Garden Party, UK
  • Grace; Doe 18'x12'x4', 2014 Wood, MDF Lake Idahna Nova Boom Festival. Portugal
  • Soi Buffalo; Thai Water Buffalo, 2014 2 @ 20'x16'x8' Wood, MDF Wonderfruit Festival Chon Buri, Thailand